Pharmacy First

The Pharmacy First services in Devon have reduced a significant patient demand from Devon GP practices.

This is a walk in service and a brief summary follows:

  • Nitrofurantoin MR 100mg capsules - UTI 16-65 yrs (female only)(other exlusion criteria apply - Click here for full list).
  • Hydrogen peroxide ointment - impetigo.
  • Hydrocortisone cream/ointment for unlicensed OTC use (on face and under 12 years)

Full details can be found on the LPC website - Click Here.

Other pharmacy services we provide at Morton's pharmacy:

We see many patients during the day requesting help with a health problem and treat/signpost/refer as a matter of routine. No appointment, seen immediately.

EHC is free for 13-24 years. Available to buy OTC for over 24 years. - walk in service.

Emergency supply is available at all opening times (Private supply during the week (charge applies) - NHS funded supply at weekends through 111) - walk in service.

Private and NHS flu vaccination -walk in service.

NMS (new medicine service) - for patients on ANY new med for HYPERTENSION, ASTHMA, COPD, ANTIPLATELET, ANTICOAGULANT, TYPE 2 DIABETES.

We would counsel the patient as normal about their new med and then phone them after about 10 days to follow up. Checking their concordance, side effects and any other issues whether real or perceived. Discussing any problems, referring back to GP if unable to continue med (referral back is rare). Another follow up phone call at 2 to 3 weeks before signing off.

The benefit to GP surgeries is that if you are time limited you can signpost patients to pharmacy and know they will get a thorough review.

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