Oral Contraceptive Pills

You can buy certain oral contraceptives over the counter now in the UK.

Hana (Desogestrel) tablets and Lovima (Desogestrel) tablets

OR you can obtain all oral contraceptive tablets using our online doctor service:

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Why would you use this service:

  • Convenience. -Many women with busy lifestyles find it very difficult to organise their prescriptions for their regular oral contraceptive tablets. We now have a much more convenient solution. From the comfort of your computer chair you can order your tablets. We even have an express delivery option which means that your order can be guaranteed for next day delivery. Useful if you are running out.
  • Want to try a different brand. -There may be a brand of tablets with a slightly different formulation of hormones that may suit you better.
  • Want to try a 'Patch' or 'Ring' instead of a tablet. There are a couple of alternatives to tablets which may be more suitable or convenient for you.
  • Want to have a pack where you take a tablet every day even during your period so you don't forget after your week free. Look for the packs below which say -ED.
  • Your own prescription is not needed.

The service is confidential and monitored by the Care Quality Commission.

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