• Alka-Seltzer XS Tablets 20

Alka-Seltzer XS Tablets 20

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Alka-Seltzer XS tablets gives fast and effective relief of headache with an upset stomach.


  • For grown-ups over 16 years
1 pack
As with other medicines, Alka-Seltzer Original may cause side-effects.
If you experience these or any other unusual effects, stop taking Alka-Seltzer and tell your doctor immediately.

Do not take Alka-Seltzer if:
 You are allergic to aspirin, or any other pain relieving or anti-inflammatory medicines e.g.
NSAIDs or salicylates. The allergic reaction may be displayed as an asthma attack when
you have taken any of these medicines..
You are allergic to any of the other ingredients in this product.
 You have, or have ever had, a stomach or duodenal ulcer.
 You have a bleeding disorder such as haemophilia.
 You are on a high dose of methrotrexate, 15mg per week.. If you are not sure, check with
your doctor. Methotrexate is used for psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's diease and
some types of cancer.
 You are pregnant or breast-feeding, unless advised by your doctor.
There is a possible association between aspirin and Reye's syndrome when given to children..
Reye's syndrome is a very rare disease, which can be fatal. For this reason aspirin should not
be given to children under 16 years, unless on the advice of a doctor.
Before taking this product:
Speak to your doctor if:
 You suffer from tightness in the chest or asthma.
 You are pregnant, breast-feeding or trying for a baby.
 You have kidney or liver problems or are aware you have low uric acid excretion, which is
commonly associated with gout.
 You have a history of gastrointestinal disorders (regular stomach upsets).
 You are taking medication to prevent blood clotting (e.g. warfarin, heparin, ticlopidine), to
lower blood sugar if you are a diabetic (e.g. insulin, sulphonylureas), to treat gout or
reduce water retention.
 You are taking medication because of heart problems or to lower blood pressure (e.g. ACE
 You are taking medication containing corticosteroids, any pain-relieving or antiinflammatory
 You are receiving the medicine methotrexate, digoxin, sodium valproate or phenytoin.
Before an operation inform the doctor or surgeon that you are taking aspirin.

 Do not store above 25C. Store in the original package.
 Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
 Do not remove the tablets from the foil pouch until immediately before use.
 If you use only one tablet from the foil pouch dispose of the remaining one.
 If the foil pouch containing the tablets is damaged or the tablets are powdery or
discoloured, do not use.
 Do not use this product after the date printed on the carton and foil pouch.

Alka-Seltzer XS tablets gives fast and effective relief of headache with an upset stomach.

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